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If you are unsure of where to begin when it comes to the future of your fitness program, we have you covered! Look below for GLA's online options.



We have personalized programs for people looking for one on one instruction online. Here you will get personalized workout to your ability and equipment requirements. You will also receive constant communication with your coach, video correction and cueing via the True Coach app. 



Every person and every body is different. Your goals, your capacities, your body and your life requires a program made just for you. 

At Gibson's Landing Athletics we want to be the leaders in producing the most effective fitness programs available aimed at the longevity of health goals. With our individual design we can directly target your specific fitness needs and goals. This will include an initial physical assessment, movement analysis, coaching, and careful watch for proper nody mechanics when performing every exercise with continued support thorugh on floor coaching and evolving programming. 


A Plan Built Just For You

Fitness and lifestyle programming are all included in your customized plan.  It will be created based on your goals, priorities, life demands, at home equipment and fitness background.

Initial and Ongoing Assessment

Every program starts off with an assesment so that your coach has the information needed to build your tailored plan.  Ongoing assessment is needed to see how your program is affecting you, and for making informed program adjustments.

Monthly Consultations  

Connect with your coach every 4 weeks.  This time can be used for re-assessment, education and for making changes to your plan.

An Interactive App 

Your workouts are delivered to you through a state of the art TRUE COACH app.  You will be able to log your workouts, track your results and communicate directly with your coach.

Support, Support and More Support

You can message your coach through your app anytime, and will always get a response within 24 hours.  You have your monthly consultations and have a coach when you are training during our floor times.

home Workouts 

Every program is tailored to your home equipment but don't worry if you feel like you don't have a lot available. Your coach is skilled at creating interesting, personally designed programs that will give you variety and help you reach your fitness and health goals all from home. Including personally designed strecthes and workout plans to get you moving while at home or outside. 


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