Effective Individual Programs created for everyone, every body and every fitness level...

At Gibson’s Landing Athletics we are the leaders in producing the most effective fitness programs. With our individualized programming we can directly target your specific fitness needs to sculpt the most effective program made for you, your body and your fitness goals. 

What does the program include?

This program will include an initial physical assessment, coaching and critique through proper movement patterns through every exercise and continued support through in person or online communication. If you are a current member you will receive an initial one on one breakdown of our services, and your overview of your specific needs. As well as every month you are with us you will receive a one on one personal training session included free for that month.

Weekly and monthly updates are provided to continue your progress towards your goals. If you are an online member either outside of Prince George or a member at another facility we can have a monthly phone or email sessions to go over your progress. Any person who has an individual program with Gibson’s Landing Athletics, in or outside of Prince George will receive access to our facility.