We believe at OPEX PRINCE GEORGE at Gibson’s Landing Athletics that with every great fitness program, there needs to be a great lifestyle balance and nutrition plan. Just like our individual design philosophy we use for prescribing exercises and work out plans, we understand this lifestyle program will look different for everyone that walks in the door. We will discuss your current fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits to help better understand YOU. 

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Step one


Let us sit down with you to get a better understand of who you are. What are your goals? What does a day in the life of YOU look like? Then we can start to make a plan together to help match your actions to your goals. Current diet, Sleep patterns, stress levels, job, age, current activity level, are you getting enough diet, allergy’s, food hygiene and the list goes on.


Step 2


We will help guide you through the tools to start making changes to your current lifestyle that will help you live a more fulfilled life. However that lifestyle that may look will be up to you.


Step 3


We will be there every step of the way to help you put these tools you have learnt into action! The GLA staff will help keep you accountable and motivated to stay on your path and help you if things get tough.


Step 4


We will always come back around. Look at your goals and see if it still matches the life you want to build for yourself. We are ever evolving humans and learning to truly understand what we want out of life will be a process. Influence through outside voices may impact our outlook on what we may think we want. We will learn to understand the difference between your true ambitions and the influence the outside world has on them. This process will continue and continue as you start to grow as an individual.